Are you interested in Columba House’s 8-Month Residential Internship? Are you not sure if it’s for you? People with lots of different life experiences and interests can thrive in Columba House. Nobody enters this program with absolute certainty about where they are headed. Columba House welcomes those who are trying to figure out their vocations, what God is calling them to do in life.


No matter what your story is, there are some qualities that will lead to a fruitful Internship experience with Columba House. Most happy Interns could describe themselves like this before joining CH:

  • A baptized Christian
  • An unmarried, celibate young adult, about ages 20 – 35
  • A regular attender in a Christian worshipping community
  • Interested in deepening their relationship with God and others in an Episcopal way
  • Teachable, a team player, works well within guidelines
  • Open to new and challenging experiences
  • Flexible with living arrangement and roommates
  • Able and willing to acknowledge mistakes and apologize for them

Vocational Goals

What about your sense of God’s Vocation in your life? Columba House in built to be accessible for lay and ordained people. Columba House offers robust spiritual formation that delves deep into our rich Anglican heritage while offering opportunities to branch out into the locale. Your day to day life will be filled with meaningful work in Savannah at a service organization or Episcopal parish. It is a fulfilling and well-rounded life that helps young people gain a godly perspective on the rest of life. 

You might be a good fit for a Columba House Internship if you are:

  • Someone who has felt the call to ordained ministry, but is not yet ready to go to seminary. The right destination of a businessman
  • Someone who desires to serve God as a faithful lay person in the Episcopal Church.
  • Someone who has graduated seminary and is exploring a call to ordained ministry in the Diocese of Georgia

You may not fit any one of the above categories neatly, but that’s okay. We’re happy to continue the conversation about your vocational discernment after you apply.

Please read all the materials under the August – April Internship Tab to get a sense of whether you want to try life at CHS.