Missioner to Columba House Augusta

Ranie Neislar: RNeislar@columbahouse.org


Ranie was born and raised in Athens, Georgia. She earned her Bachelors from the University of Georgia, majoring in History with a focus on the history of Christianity in the United States. Her historical training fed and honed her passion for social justice, even as it pushed her to consider the ways in which religious life is shaped by culture. Such reflections drove Ranie to seek deeper understanding of the principles informing Christian belief and practice—they inspired a newfound passion for the study of theology. In the fall of 2011 she enrolled in classes at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbia, South Carolina to pursue this passion. Along the way to earning her M.Div, Ranie has engaged in youth ministry in various parishes. Currently, she is Coordinator of Youth Ministries at Saint Paul’s Church in Augusta. She enjoys seeking ways to inspire teenagers to deeply consider the beliefs informing their faith, from understanding “neighbor” to caring for marginalized creation.

Missioner to Columba House Savannah

Samantha McKean: samantha.mckean@columbahouse.org

Samantha McKean is the missioner for Columba House Savannah as well as the minister for youth and young adults at Christ Church, Savannah. She is a 2016 graduate of Duke Divinity School with a Master of Divinity degree and a certificate in the Anglican Studies program.

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