We live in uncertain and divisive times. It’s easy to float through without purpose, hope, or direction. We believe that God wants us to be and do more than we can even ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20-21). Living together in Christian community is one way to grow in that gracious power of God.

BenedictScholastica listenBy living together with common purpose, we hope that our life together will speak volumes about the gracious ways of Jesus. Together we will learn discipleship in the way of St. Benedict, who taught his followers the importance of listening. Our Rule of Life asks us to lead a stable, consistent spiritual life for at least the time while we’re together in CHS. This helps to avoid distractions and listen deeply to God and one another. Our common stability and deep listening provides opportunities for conversion of life, renewing our love for God and neighbor over the long haul.

We hope that through our common life, this place will radiate hospitality and rooted love for God’s mission of holy unity.¬†We want young people to leave this program more deeply grounded in the love and knowledge of God, to be more committed to living out God’s Kingdom of Love and Justice here on earth. The practices of sharing space and a rule of life with housemates, talking about your relationship with God, and working through conflicts all help us to grow and mature as followers of Jesus!